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Video can be one of the most effective marketing areas and by leveraging the power of this platform you create a better, higher quality marketing strategy that achieves higher engagement rates.

Videos are easy to digest, fun to watch and can really be a draw for audience attention. However, as with all media, content is almost everything. Understanding the sort of content your target audience wants makes it easier to create video that gets their attention.

There are a few things that you need to know before creating great video that will help boost your online efforts.

Engaging Videos

Spending time planning your video beforehand allows you to think carefully about the content you decide to produce. Ideally, you want to satisfy your viewers and engage them enough to share the video with others in their circle of friends. Generally, videos that are shared are under the 90 second

mark, make bold statements, are good stories or ask funny questions. They then tend to conclude with a call to action.

Cross Channel Promotion

Video should be shared across a whole host of social media and also video platforms to ensure that

it gets the best results. This means uploading and optimising for a variety of different sites. Make sure to make appropriate efforts for promoting on the particular platform you’re adding the video too. So, for example add a still image to the video for Facebook, or consistent hashtags across

Twitter and Google+. This will ensure the video gets the most benefit from this sort of promotion and will benefit your efforts no end.


Engagement rates for video are high, additionally so are the reach rates. According to studies, videos on Facebook have reach of around 9% – far higher than other mediums. If adding a number of videos

you should also consider ensuring one is added as a featured video. Ideally, this should be the one that’s a good representation of your business.


Channel trailers are a fantastic addition if promoting a video on YouTube. These snippets play

automatically and showcase a small part of the video. They are very engaging because of this and

tend to grasp the attention of viewers. They’re quite easy to set up too and well worth considering –

see how to make the most of them here.


If you’re creative enough Vine can be a great place for video marketing. The six second looping video

can take some planning, however getting it correct can lead to notable benefits and it potentially can

be a great marketing medium. Here are some tips on how to create a great Vine.

Instagram also offers a 15 second non-looping video and also allows people to use its hyperlapse

option for video. This slightly different take is also very popular and well worth exploring.

boost your strategy. Why not let us know what’s worked well for you in this area?



Twitter is a very versatile platform and nowadays is more video friendly than ever. Simply, choose to ‘embed video’ in the Tweet and add it to your Tweet. Because most Tweets tend to be written, shortvideo can be very popular on the site and tend to really gain attention. Additionally, videos tend to remain displayed on the photo and video section of the page, which increases their visibility and the chance someone will click on them.

Videos and Google

Videos don’t just get more attention on social media either. Google is showing increasing percentages of videos in its search engine results pages and additionally people are consuming more online video than ever before. According to a study that Abacus Marketing London conducted the results showed that Google hangout videos were given priority over youtube videos.

As video search results aren’t nearly as competitive as traditional results, chances of getting a video on the front page of Google are far higher than placing an article or alternative form of media. Just learn how to optimise video for SEO and the world is your oyster.

Additionally, people are more inclined to click on a video here than a traditional search engine result, meaning video real estate can be very lucrative for a business.

These strategies will help you make more of your social media and video efforts and should help

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