The Rise of Mobile and Event-Triggered Surveys

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oday, mobile is a common method of communication. It’s how we keep in touch with one another, how we consume information and how we stay current.

It only makes sense that surveys should be designed for mobile devices. You will reach more respondents with mobile-ready surveys that are designed for any smartphone, device or browser.

Why Is Mobile Research So Important Now?

Nearly everyone has a mobile device today. At the point of sale or just after an event, mobile devices provide valuable in-the-moment feedback from customers. You capture their experience while it is still fresh.

Feedback collected in the moment is 40% more accurate and reliable than an opinion gathered just 24 hours later.

Mobile surveys catch customers in the moment of truth – when they are making a purchase or have attended an event. They provide a window into the true customer experience.

By collecting feedback immediately after a transaction or event, your survey becomes part of the customer’s ongoing conversation with your company.

Surprisingly Stats

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, 4 in 10 adults use a cellphone exclusively and have disconnected their landline.

According to a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, the percentage of transactions that take place on a mobile device is expected to grow to 25% in five years.

Mobile device usage is only increasing, which makes capturing in-the-moment feedback easier when your surveys are designed with mobile in mind.


Design for Mobile to Decrease Dropout

A recent Greenbook study found that 19% of all online surveys are taken on a mobile device. But we also know that 50% of surveys are opened on mobile devices.

Experience is everything when it comes to mobile surveys. Poor quality surveys that are not optimized for mobile will cause much higher dropout rates.

Use mobile-first software like QuestBack to design surveys that give respondents the best experience and garner higher completion rates. Then invite customers via SMS or email, or give them a URL or QR code to complete the survey. No matter what device they’re using, they’ll be able to take the survey and provide you with invaluable customer insights.

Mobile Friendly Surveys
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